Book Review- Piece by Piece

Book Number: 11 Name of the book: Piece by Piece Name of the author: Palak Sehgal Book review: Again like strangers, we love and we sigh. Book title and cover: Title was good, the cover could have been designed a bit better. Writing style: The choice of words in Part 1 was extraordinary. Part 2... Continue Reading →

Book Review- A Fly On The Cart Wheel

Name of the book: A Fly On The Cart Wheel Name of the author: Bhupendra Suri Book review: Book title and cover: Good title with perfect cover. (5/5) Writing style: Ajay and Amit's initial conversations were really thoughtful. They were literally the two ends of the scale. Ajay's replies and thoughts seemed more realistic. Amit's... Continue Reading →

Book Review- The Love Influenza

Book number: 9 Name of the book: The Love Influenza Name of the author: Debarath Das Title and Book cover: Title was excellent. The book cover was also designed well. (5/5) Writing style: Deb's character was clear. His poems were also good. Sawrab, Subrata as crazy friends reminded me of my college days. Monobrata and... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Pursuit of Sunshine In Rain

Book number: 7 Name of the book: Pursuit of Sunshine In Rain Name of the author: Tanushi Singh Favourite lines: 1. We are nothing but moments Sometimes bright enough to illuminate our home Sometimes dark enough to burn down our doors 2. As you grow, the strength of your light will be visible through your... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Life In Different Colours

Book number: 7 Name of the book: Life In Different Colours Name of the author: Pratik P Sharda Book review: Title and Book cover: The title was perfectly matched to the collection. The cover was very good. (5/5) Short stories: "Honey, I love you" was extremely good and I loved that story among all. "... Continue Reading →

Veedila puthagangal

Name of the book: Veedila puthagangal Name of the author: S. Ramakrishnan A book that speaks volumes about the 'Homeless books'. Rare books, famous classics, underrated books, poetry and much more, this single book recommends around 100 books, short stories, and novels. It also mentions famous places that we can visit for buying books, both... Continue Reading →

Love story

Name of the book: Love story Name of the story: Eric Segal A well known and most read classic of all times. Basically a simple love story with Oliver Barrett IV, a wealthy jock from a stuffy WASP family on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law and Jenny Cavilleri, a... Continue Reading →

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